Jerry Horton's Birthday video!!

Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 6:28 PM By: PapaRoachGirl94

Hey guys!!

Today is January 2nd (Happy New Year, by the way!!) and that means our boy, Jerry Horton's birthday is creeping up! March 10th!

Most of you know about the videos we did for Jacoby, Tobin, and Tony. Well, we're going to do the same for Jerry!!

Starting today, you will be able to email me (email will be at the end of the blog) video clips, and send me pictures!

A lot of people suggested that EVERYONE does a video, but I can understand that not everyone can do one. HERE’S WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR! AND PAY ATTENTION! For Jerry's, I'm switching it up!
If you do a video!

Y'all know that I got this birthday idea from the Lady Gaga fans. And in theirs, there was an introduction like, "Hey Lady Gaga!!" "Gaga!" "Hey Gaga!" "Hola mi Gagita!"

So my idea was to do something similar. I figured, why not do an introduction? "Hey Jerry!" "JERRY HORTON!" "Jer-Bear" etc. BUT, then I was thinking... what really annoys him? Why not add that to the intro? So, here's some examples that me and a bunch of other people came up with on Twitter:

-If you shoot your videos inside, wear sunglasses!
-Wear a snuggie!
-USE GRAMMAR ERRORS! If you make a sign, say something like "it's you're birthday!" So, use the wrong form of your, or they're, etc. (their, there, your, you're) get it?
-Annemieke suggested "call him Jesus!" But that's a big maybe!
-Talk about his hair! xD

So if you know anything that annoys Jerry, PUT THAT IN YOUR INTRO. But ONLY for your intro. Not your actual video wishing him a happy birthday.

Now, for your video wishing him a happy birthday:

Start off with introducing yourself! Just say something like:
“Hey Jerry, this is _____ from _______ (twitter, or BOTH) just wanting to wish you a happy birthday!!”

If you have more to say, then you can continue on with your video! Here are some more examples for what you can do;
-If you want to sing a few lines from your favorite Papa Roach song, GO FOR IT!!
- If you want to talk about a memory that you have of you and Jerry, GO FOR IT!
-If you want to talk about how a Papa Roach song has helped you through hard times, GO FOR IT!!
-If you're an artist, and you'd like to draw, or have drawn, some pictures of Jerry, send 'em in! Go FOR IT!
-If Jerry has inspired you, and now you play guitar, then talk about that! IF YOU WANT TO, YOU CAN PLAY THE GUITAR FOR A SMALL AMOUNT OF TIME TO SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLS!
-If you want to talk about a Papa Roach tattoo you got...well, you get the point!
If you have pictures of you and Jerry, or you and all of the guys, you can send those in as well, and I will put your pictures in the video right before your clips.

So basically, you can make two clips. One with JUST the funny introduction, and one wishing him a happy birthday and anything else you'd like to say.

If you CAN’T do videos, due to not having a video camera, you can either:

-Just send in a picture of you and Jerry, or you and all of the guys, and then in the email, type out a SHORT message saying whatever you’d like to say.

***If you have NEVER met the guys, and you CAN’T do a video, then just send in a picture of YOURSELF OR A PICTURE OF YOUR PAPA ROACH TATTOO with your happy birthday messages, your name and your username from either Twitter,, or both somewhere on it.***

I REALLY want you guys to be a part of this. That’s why I gave you guys so many options! Spread the word. Get your family involved! Let’s make this BIG!


Please email all clips and pictures to: ***************************************************

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, leave a comment on here, or tweet me. (My twitter name is: PapaRoachGirl94 )

Thanks again guys :)

  1. BikerVixyn avatar

    On Mar 09, BikerVixyn said:

    HAHA!! Amy between yours & Nikki's this should be good! I was a dumb ass & didn't read the "instructions" 1st, so no annoying antics on mine....well except for me rambling on for over 4 mins, but I did send lots of fun pics in. Hehehe. It'll be interesting to see how Jacey puts it all together. Sooooo....WHERE IS IT GIRL!!???!?!?!? ;P

  2. I love jerry horton avatar
  3. IneedStarbucks avatar

    On Jan 07, IneedStarbucks said:


    This will be fun, I will try to execute this timely!


  4. RoCk TwInS avatar

    On Jan 07, RoCk TwInS said:

    WE ARE IN !!!!!!!!!!

  5. ayaroach avatar

    On Jan 06, ayaroach said:

    It's gonna be so funny! hahaha :D

  6. blackstarinsky avatar

    On Jan 04, blackstarinsky said:


  7. Sue614 avatar

    On Jan 03, Sue614 said:

    I'll get one done ASAP!

  8. PapaRoachPunk avatar

    On Jan 03, PapaRoachPunk said:

    Can't wait! This is gonna be hilarious! Let the planning commense!

  9. dianam avatar

    On Jan 03, dianam said:

    I will get one done

  10. M-Neff avatar

    On Jan 03, M-Neff said:

    haha Jer-Bear =) cant wait to do this video

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