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Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 8:03 PM By: Lovely_XxXxX

It's time to get on board for the most adventurous tour in rock history! British heavy rock legends Iron Maiden are releasing Flight 666; a full length documentary film about the first leg of the band’s historic Somewhere Back In Time World Tour.

Circumnavigating the globe in just 45 days, the band flew in a specially customized Boeing 757 airliner, piloted by vocalist Bruce Dickinson. With the entire tour crew and equipment on board, the band played 23 sold out arena shows in 13 countries.

Flight 666 gives a close up look at what happened on and off stage, when Maiden gave full access to a film crew for the first time ever. The film also features some of the most spectacular live footage of the band.

Iron Maiden's manager Rod Smallwood comments, "This film is a testament to an extraordinary tour and to our incredible fans all over the world. Seeing it…will make you feel like you were there on that spectacular journey."

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    I guess it might be a good movie

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