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About Lovely_XxXxX

This is Lovely_XxXxX:

+ If there were an award for "Most Entertaining Dreams Ever" I would win it. Look at my blog if you don't believe me.
+ I have a reputation as the artist of this social network. Here's my DeviantArt: MY DEVIANT ART. CHECK IT OUT, MAN
+ I am learning the Spanish, Japanese, and German languages. (Not very good at the last two, since I self-teach! I'm doing well in my Spanish class. :3)
+ I am loud and eccentric.
+ I'm not too fond of people that have negative outlooks on anything.
+ I hate reality shows.
+ I HEAVILY support gay rights.
+ I say that "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana is the best song of all time. OF ALL TIME!
+ I find that the best quality of a human being is that they recognize they are a flawed human.
+ My favorite color is black.
+ One time when I was playing Spoons, I ended up with what I affectionately call "The Vengeance Hand" with three sixes and an Ace. (6661)
+ I like to write songs. My best topic in these songs are fighting for individuality.
+ I believe that if a song by Metallica is post Black Album, it sucks.
+ I love too many favourite bands for the life of me.
+ The best magazine ever is Rock Sound, from the UK. One time, they had an interview with the All-American Rejects where fans could submit questions, and my question got asked! I got that issue as a birthday present, and my friend gave it to me in the cafeteria in my school. I was so excited, I didn't care that people could be judging me because I was spazzing out.
+ I believe that people should respect other's beliefs even if they don't subscribe to what they believe in.
+ Again, if you want to add me as a friend, strike up decent conversations with me.
+ Megadeth is the best metal band of all time. OF ALL TIME!!!
+ Chris Brown is a bigger jerk than Kanye West. I have facts to prove it, and I wrote about it in the school paper. And I got called LEGIT FOR IT. :D
+ I LOOOVVEEE ANIME! Please go to my DeviantArt for that list...
+ I'm a firm believer in the idea and fact that gramer iz ur bestest frend!

My Best Friends on Here (in no particular order):

+ B-Jewce
+ Nikky
+ Jade
+ Recklezz
+ Sammy!
+ Sam Steak
+ vern93
+ Busta
+ junebaby
+ synyster_wolf

I have so many more friends, but if I add them all on this list, my profile will end up being tl;dr!


I support the arts! There are too many awesome bands and musicians out there that have not been discovered yet. Their links are in the Links Section of my page. Check them out, please.

Jimmy Sullivan in A Little Piece of Heaven

I drew this picture as a tribute to the great drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. May he rest in peace.

I have a reputation as the artist of I mainly draw on paint for people, but I do hand draw things.

Check out my Flickr to see all of my drawings!

My Favorite Bands

+ Papa Roach
+ Avenged Sevenfold
+ Megadeth
+ Pantera
+ Cradle of Filth
+ Blink-182
+ Down in Ashes
+ Divide The Day
+ This Is Not A Game of Who The F*ck Are You
+ Michael Jackson
+ Pinkly Smooth
+ Kittie
+ KoRn
+ Godsmack
+ Jay-Z
+ Mindless Self Indulgence
+ All-American Rejects
+ Lady GaGa
+ Sponge
+ Cinema Bizarre
+ Tokio Hotel
+ Puffy AmiYumi
+ Nirvana
+ Armor For Sleep
+ Atreyu
+ Britney Spears
+ Buckcherry
+ Criss Angel
+ Disarm
+ Deathstars
+ Fall Out Boy
+ Five Finger Death Punch
+ Green Day
+ Guns N’ Roses
+ Gwen Stefani
+ H.I.M.
+ Iron Maiden
+ Jeffree Star
+ Jonathan Davis
+ Marilyn Manson
+ Metallica
+ My Chemical Romance
+ Cheap Trick
+ Rihanna
+ Kanye West
+ Scars on Broadway
+ Serj Tankian
+ System of a Down
+ Sepultura
+ Shinedown
+ Skillet
+ Slipknot
+ The 69 Eyes
+ Lupe Fiasco
+ Good Charlotte
+ Three Days Grace
+ Breaking Benjamin
+ Bullet For My Valentine

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