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About ladymikipaparoachlover

I´m a Papa Roach Junkie!!!!
I need this music and the band to stay alive!

My favorite band member is *surprise surprise* JACOBYYY!!!!

My motto: I gotta roll the dice, never look back, and never think twice!! *you know that?*

My favorite songs are: *maaany!* getting away with murder, Hollywood whore, I almost told you that I loved you, Do or Die, Change or Die, Between Angels and insects, and to be loved, Dead Cell, Alive, Sometimes,Scars,Forever, Harder than a coffin Nail, My heart is a fist... but there are more amazing songs I love...

And who is interested in * I don´t think so* I love Mangas and Anime! Yaoi is the world´s real beauty!!!

and other bands I like:

3 Days grace
My chemical Roamance
Bullet for my valentine,
Linkin Park
A Vain Attempt,
Gaze, Lynch,Dir en grey, NoGod, SuG, *JRock*
Billy Talent
Story of the year
Limp Bizkit
System of a Down

yay! and I just loooove piercings and tattoos... unfortunatly my mom would kick my ass, so I have to wat till I´m 18.. and then I´ll get my first tatoo.. of course a PR tattoo!!

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