Some text / lyrics i recently made ..

Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 8:33 AM By: Radar Love

1st one:


Everyday i feel it, I'm not good enough
Everyday I hear it, Just shut up
I'm sick of those things, I wanna live my own life
But your always taking away my pride, i hate it when you say it's time to change my life
I won't, or maybe I will, I don't know why I got into this living hell trail
The one you see, it isn't me, I'm not the one, you wish I would be
I want to now am I really that bad, so ugly so sad?
Can you tell me, how useless I am, a no lifer a nobody.
I will prove it all at once
I'm dying because of you, No you don't know what you got me through
So go to hell, I will die tonight



2nd one:

It's time to live your life
Don't be afraid of the knife
It won't kill you, I'm sure
Now all my talking turns into blur

It's time to panic out
I can't say that I'm feeling proud
For what I've done, now that your gone

3th one:

If you look at the world, aren't you getting sick?
All the lies on TV, go and suck my dick
If you want me too look at the world outside
I will say, fuck you, that isn't my pride

And if you want me to stop hating on the system
Why don't you fuck off, and shoot yourself down
I don't give a damn about you, I'm sick
If you want me to stop hating.
Suck my dick!

Fuck the system
Fuck the world
blow it all up
It's for your own will
I'm going down, don't mess with me
if i stop hating, then we will never be free!

Let me know what ya think of it :'D

  1. Radar Love avatar

    On Feb 17, Radar Love said:

    Thnx! :'DDD

  2. ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! avatar
  3. Radar Love avatar

    On Apr 10, Radar Love said:

    nope, I just made some lyrics, not that i can sing, but hey i will give iot a try, can you send me the instrumentals? :'D

  4. Monte's Attic avatar

    On Apr 10, Monte's Attic said:

    have you put any music to it yet I have a Instrumental on file that I was messing around with.

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