need to blog..

Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 7:56 AM By: Radar Love

hi peopl,
need to blog, i didnt write a blog since, like for 2 months i think so :

I have changed alot, my hairs longer, got other glases =D
maybe i will post a picture soon on the site:P
but, i was @ a meeting for alternative people, and it was so great, amazing!!
i had lots of fun with everybody =DD
and, i'm now into NYHC New York Hardcore =D
cool style, but i'll stay true to proach(H)
and well, today i bought a new iron amiden cd:D
Somewhere Back In Time =D love it:D
my vacation is now almost over, monday school again..
Haven;t met suze yet =[ ( i like her, i think)

maybe in abou two weeks i'm gonna meet her,
but there's a probelm, she may not meet people.. at least not from her parents
so you guys have any advice?

well, that's my story i think,

take care and rock on !

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