Things I have learnt.. in 17 years time

Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 1:15 PM By: JJ_P-Roach

**NEW ADDS** 10th December 2011
well, this is a list given in random order.. Some are silly things, some not :)

1- Never use an iPad for chatting
2- You shouldn't start drinking too much caffeine or you will be addicted to
3- Never trust people you know you shouldn't
4- Never wear pyjamas after noon, it's sure someone will visit you
5- World is full of stupid selfish people
6- When you need a quick answer to a SMS, you won't get it
7- Be yourself, not what other people want
8- Never say to your relatives that you play the guitar
9- You shouldn't be nice with people who don't deserve it, this will make you feel bad
10- Being nice with people who deserve it makes you feel really better
11- Never kiss a chinchilla, probably it won't appreciate that xD
12- Never walk with lights switched off... it's dangerous and painful
13- People who travel with me either feel sick or fall asleep. Fortunately, the second ones are more
14- Never participate in school lessons, or you will be called even when you have not studied anything
15- Always remember to water plants
16- Never take anything or anyone for granted

these are the things I have in my mind now, but they are more.. when I remember more, I'll add :)
by the way, I'm open to suggestions so write them down here and I'm gonna add yours too :D

17- Never leave an enormous amount of work to do in just one day.. You'll end up sleeping about 5 hours and being a zombie for the rest of the day
18- Never start explaining physics to anyone or you'll have to do all the exercises you had no time to do between 5 am and 6.30 am
19- Before a tests, control yourself and don't say to your best friend that she must shut her mouth because you know the test is nearly here and you don't need the countdown
20- Sometimes the only one thing you want is closing yourself in a wardrobe (there's always a wardrobe or something you can hide in) where nobody can notice you
21- I will never have the right haircut. When I have my hair washed, now I look like a man, really
22- Shopping with my mum can destroy the last little part of my self-image
23- My name is rarely pronounced in the right way, even by Italian people :D
24- We keep in our memories people we've lost forever.. So they will live forever as a part of us
25- I won't notice that someone likes me even if I bump against him xD
26- Make everything for realize your dreams, whatever they are
27- When you're alone at home and decide to have a shower, the bell will ring as soon as you're wet..

**Your suggestions**
by Ludo:
- Never leave alone people you love
- Always say what you think
- Fight all the mother fucker
- Play hard music
- Don't be shy with people who love/like you
by Lady Decadence:
- never talk to god, unless you are ready to carry the consequences!

  1. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Dec 13, JJ_P-Roach said:

    thanks for the suggestion, I've added it ^^

  2. Lady Decadence avatar

    On Dec 13, Lady Decadence said:

    Love point 4, 8, 12, 22 and 25. Here's my comment: never talk to god, unless you are ready to carry the consequences!

  3. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Dec 12, JJ_P-Roach said:

    ahah it's a pleasure meeting unfeminine girls xD

  4. Jacoby Shaddix 93 avatar

    On Dec 11, Jacoby Shaddix 93 said:

    You're always surprising and I don't say nothing,why all is true.
    Ahahaha,me too ^^ I often seem as a guy

  5. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Dec 11, JJ_P-Roach said:

    thanks ^^ happy to hear that :D

  6. Yogi avatar

    On Dec 11, Yogi said:

    Thanks, some points will really help me.

  7. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Dec 10, JJ_P-Roach said:

    You're welcome :)

  8. Ludo. avatar

    On Dec 10, Ludo. said:

    Thanks you so much for the suggestin Twin :D !! And I'm again agree with you :) I love what you think about some things Twin :D

  9. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Dec 10, JJ_P-Roach said:

    sure you can suggest :) I'm gonna add them :D

    and yes, they're more :D

  10. FRED. avatar

    On Dec 08, FRED. said:

    Yeah i hope for you they are more!! HAHA but it's true anyway !! :)

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