Starland Ballroom Show 3/17

Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 8:30 AM By: PRoach316

Question for people going:

If anybody got the star parking and have space in there car, would it be possible for me and a few friends to join you? if so id be willing to give you the 18 bucks for the star parking? if anybody is interested/willing please let me know.


  1. LightningStrike avatar

    On Mar 03, LightningStrike said:

    Fucking sweet tat ro keep fucking rocking

  2. PRoach316 avatar

    On Feb 23, PRoach316 said:

    i dont need a ride i wanna use there starparking to get in earlier lol and willing to pay for their starparking lol

  3. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Feb 22, @BassNachosTacos said:

    i need a ride too lol.

    Same problem with me, if i had a car i would go by myself and i would deffinitly go to the anniversary shows in New York.
    I love new york. < 3

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