Eff It!

Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 6:58 PM By: MissyRoach

School started for me finally, 2 days in and i already want to die.. My ex is a freshy so i kinda have to protect him from the seniors and shizz.. Already got called a lesbian, ahh i love them Mexicans who think they are gods in my school. i think there is only one in my skool i get along with. Other than that i found out that my bf actually hates piercings. Great! cause i have 2 and 2 more to come. Oh and i freaked out my Algebra class, the teacher told me to put stuff that i am willing to share with the class down on my folder, i put skulls and stuff on there, i also had PAIN, HATE, ALONE, DISPAIR on it.. i guess i am the most depressing person in that school. ahh, and here is a list i made on the second day::
1hr:: Ms.Miles~Weird &Too Young.
2hr::Mr.Allen~Angry Old Man.
3hr::Mr.Phfielsticer~Green Bay Packer Hating Meaner.
4hr::Mr.Kromminga~Psycho Angry Man.
5hr::Mrs.Ranta~Angry Woman.
6hr:: Mr.Brighton~Fun Weirdo.
7th::Mr.McNallan~Deepest & Coolest.
i HATE school and the teachers at my school who think they are gods or something just cause they have power over us. There are 300something students and like 10-15 teachers they should be scared if we get pissed. Specially if the football team gets pissed, they are awesomely violent when they are. =) wow i am so mean.. (^.^)

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  1. Eff It!

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