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Well lets start with the basics.. My name is Rosalinda but I go by Lyndi. I was born and raised in Texas (kinda) but during my teenage years I was raised in Cali. I moved back and forth a lot... I'm a easy going girl...I'm silly, goofy, sincere, honest, caring, kind hearted person *thats is if only you know me*. I graduated at United South High School in 2005...then I end up moving back to Sacramento lived with my mother for a couple of month then ended up moving in with my ex... All and all it was a bad relationship to start with. My ex was just a cheater and liar.. And he completely hurt me and scared me but you know what I forgave now I can live my life forward... now I moved back with my mom now I'm in Georgia and so far I like it I got good and honest friends... don't get me wrong I had good friends in Sac-Town like NiNe, Mista Christo, Nicole, Myke, Megan, and many other that were there for me when I needed someone..... Well now I work for my parents and yeah I get paid but I don't make enough money to do anything lol. But I'm also involved with a band down here as well its my best friends' band Extreme Solidarity and now we finally have a bass player *fuck yeah* and we have a new addition we have a back up singer and she is an awesome singer and I do mean awesome and I love that gurly hehe but with the drummer eh we are working at it.... I've been hanging out with more ppl then I did when I moved here and honestly I love them all they are all so fucking awesome....but all and all I'm a rocker chick, I love my music!!! My favorite bands include Papa Roach, Avenged Sevenfold, Motley Crue and so on too many bands I love, but I've been down with Papa Roach since for almost 10 years now and I love them!!! And I've seen almost every show in Sacramento and Georgia. I sing to myself cuz I'm horrible at singing... well some ppl say I'm good but I don't think so.... I do have piercings *yay piercings* and I have tattoos as well *yay tattoos* and I do want more!! I go to concerts *well the good ones*. I hang out with my buddies whenever I have a chance... I got my driver's license already *finally* and I got myself a brand new car its a 2009 Nissan Sentra and I love it!! I'm into sports as well I love Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey!!! I will and always be a Cowboys Fan as Well as a Longhorns Fan!!! but I do support ATL Falcons and my Georgia Bulldogs of course well this is me love it or hate it...if you don't like it then fuck you!!! I don't need anyones approval!!

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