Late night bloggity blog...

Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 12:40 AM By: Dacotah

(2:40am) Relaxing listening to some Tragedy Machine and the pouring rain...

College starts in less than a week, and I'm actually looking forward to classes starting.
5 classes (or 4? I can't remember right now lol) a week, and no classes on Fridays. Woo.

I wish I had some concerts coming up, I have nothing planned for the rest of the year, gonna try making Uproar in Iowa next month (9hr trip), not gonna get my hopes up about that one since it's still a big maybe.

Been listening to a lot of Evans Blue, Tragedy Machine, and Black Stone Cherry lately. If you don't listen to any of them, I suggest checking them out. Tragedy Machine and BSC released new records earlier this year, and they are pretty damn amazing. At least I think so :)

And of course, as I've said in my previous blog, if you're into metal please go check out my friends in STEMM :) They just released a new video for their very first single titled "Left Behind" off their new record, the video is pretty funny and pokes fun.

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