4 fuckin day weekend!

Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 2:27 AM By: Dacotah

im all fuckin hyped up right now! ^_^ i dont even know why the hell im writing lol its after 4am and me n some friends are still wide awake playing fuckin boxing and super smash bros on nintendo wii and blasting music, i guess im just writing while i wait for my turn haha, we're all hyper from the pop, we bought a couple cases and been drinking em all night...no school tomorrow (well technically today) or friday! its gonna be good times since my friends parents will be gone for a few days at a b-ball tournament and she'll be home alone...ya know what that means..PARTAY!! :P lol i guess we already got that shit started tho huh haha..sleep all day and stay up all night acting retarded with my crazy ass friends, what we do best lol...i got a couple of my friends into ...To Be Loved earlier too :) before it was my turn to play one of my friends on boxing i was all "wait hold on we need some fuckin music to get us hyped up for this match!" so i grabbed my cds, put proach in the stereo and turned that fucker up! after that we really got into the game we were swinging our arms like we were actually hitting someone lmao, all hardcore on the wii haha..but after my match was over a couple of my friends were all "hey what was that first song you played? whos it by?" told em and they said they really liked it..hellz yeah! how could you not like that song...
well its gonna be 4:30am, i gotta wrap this up now cuz its my turn to tear it up on mario kart! haha that game is so fuckin fun on nintendo wii

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    On Mar 05, Hybrid911 said:

    sounds good haha my friends and I love playing the wii! x

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