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Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 11:11 PM By: Dacotah

Been awhile since I wrote anything, figured I'd write about some new albums I've been jammin lately :)

Got Times of Grace's (members from Killswitch Engage are in it if you didn't know) debut album "The Hymn of a Broken Man" a few weeks back, killer album! I love it, I actually completely forgot about those guys until a couple days after the cd release when a friend informed me that their cd was finally out. I say give it a listen for sure if you haven't yet especially if you’re a fan of KsE or any related type of music.

Red's new album "Until We Have Faces" came out this week. SUCH a great album and in my opinion their best so far, I like it a lot I've been jammin' that since release day! If you're a fan and haven't had a chance to get it yet you'll love it once you hear it :) I was blown away by just the 1st song! Outstanding work the guys have put into it.

I was gonna talk about The Damned Things (if you're not aware 2 members from Anthrax, 2 from Fall Out Boy, and 2 from Every Time I Die make up the group, surprising right?) but their debut album “Ironiclast” was released in mid-December..somewhat old news yeah? Maybe? Ah oh well, they’re an amazing group and their album instantly became one of my favorites, I’m obsessed with it. Check it out if you haven’t, you might like it :)

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    On Feb 04, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    i will definitley check some of them out :)

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