Super Booowl

Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 12:57 AM By: Dacotah

Anyone else on here watch the Super Bowl? I was going for the Packers :) I've been sticking with them since my Colts got knocked out of the first week of the playoffs, and I'm happy I did they're such a great team. They deserved the Super Bowl title, you'd think I'd go for Steelers since they're AFC and so are my Colts..but nope, I don't like Pittsburgh too much. They're a great team I admit and have one hell of a defense, its just that I think Green Bay is a little better (they do need to work on their defense a bit though) and their QB Aaron Rodgers does a great job at leading that team.

Only thing that sucked about the Super Bowl was the CRAPPY HALFTIME SHOW. I dont care if you're a fan of Fergie, she screwed up Sweet Child O'Mine, Slash was good on his part. But Fergie..jesus. I turned it to Puppy Bowl and that was seriously more interesting than halftime. Oh, another crappy thing..Christina Agulara (however you spell her name) messing up the National Anthem! Wtf?

Anyway, point is I'm happy Green Bay won.

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