Could use some advice.

Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 4:18 PM By: Prozac

This may be a little bit difficult to follow.

So here's the problem. My best friend really dislikes my boyfriend. I have had mixed emotions for a long time about Levi, my friend. Now that he and his former girlfriend broke up, he has mixed emotions about me.

He also thinks Baron, my boyfriend, is a bad influence. Not saying that he's perfect - he went to rehab last year, actually - but we really care about each other.

But I am not certain about Levi. :/ He thinks Baron is playing me.

  1. brody avatar

    On Feb 18, brody said:

    Same thing happened to me. My best friend (Andrew) kept telling me my boyfriend (jake) was a liar.. Well i found out my best friend was right. Then i broke up with my boyfriend. Well my best friend had a girlfriend and there was so many times I just wished I could tell him I loved him, but I didnt. Then my best friend broke up with his girlfriend and asked me out. I love my boyfriend (Andrew) And im soooo glad I waited for him. I think you should follow your heart dear. Its exactly what I did and im the happiest i've ever been.

  2. moonlight morning avatar

    On Feb 10, moonlight morning said:

    Tell Levi to piss off if he really is your friend he wont try to break you and your bf up even if he dosnt like him and plus if he just broke up he might just be trying to get with another girl quick and he might still have feelings for his ex btw dont listn to what guys say coz he could just lie about shit to try and go out with you, but hey i dont know him or your bf so its really your call

  3. Prozac avatar

    On Feb 10, Prozac said:

    Hmm. I just talked to Levi and he told me he has feelings for me. x_X

  4. manu avatar

    On Feb 10, manu said:

    thats just bad, i think u should think what your fried is saying

  5. lovetragedy avatar

    On Feb 10, lovetragedy said:

    oh my god. your life is like a carbon copy of mine... its scary... my best friend hates my bf,, and thinks he is a bad influence........ wierd.......

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