Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 7:47 PM By: Prozac

Haha so i have been pretty inactive lately.. finally some people comment on my blogs and it looks like i'm ignoring them ha. so sorry about all that.

long, stressful week, i'll tell you that. i went over to help some family move into a house with one of my friends, and i got into some trouble. my mother found out and flipped out..

yesterday i came home from school sick. i went to the doctor and it wasnt very serious, so my mother got mad. she attacked me, was kneeling on me.. trying to choke me. she kicked me out. like chased me out. made me literally sick to my stomach.

now i'm back and we're acting like nothing happened. i have listened to last resort, lifeline, what do you do?, state of emergency, carry me, and of course broken home nonstop since the incident.and for some reason snakes haha, but i just love that song. also a few of a7x's and 5fdp's songs..

it's just a struggle right now. and thanks for all of you who have commented on my blogs. =]

peace. †

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