Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 8:42 AM By: Prozac

I don't really know what to put for a witty first sentence. Damn.

I'm not sure how many of you read my blogs or anything, but I think I have mentioned before that I am an avid dancer. Dance is a very competitive sport, which surprises many (and amuses many more). It is a difficult sprot and I don't think it gets enough credit for it's difficulty.

Anyway. Dance season is a very hard time for me. Now, obviously I train for dance year round - running to stay in shape, continuing to stretch twice a day, even enrolling in a yoga class for flexibility. I take the sport very seriously.

However, during dance, you get pressured to be extremely slender. Last year, I suffered for awhile with an eating disorder (wow.. seems like so long ago..) Anyway, during dance, many of us are told to be in our best shape. Basically what they mean by that, is if you weigh too much, you can't do the routine. A lot of that is because of the difficulty of some of the moves we do, a lot of flipping, being flipped, et cetera. Like cheerleading, although I hate to say that. Also, we are all supposed to look uniform, and if there are 30 thin girls and 2 not so thin ones, we aren't going to look uniform.

Dance is a sport with a lot of vanity and pressure on looking good.

Anyway. I cut down what I eat during dance season by about half, which isn't really a lot. But a lot of my friends lately have told me I'm losing weight (not in an unhealthy way). I think they are afraid I'm going back to my old ways. What can I tell them?

Oh, and also, in case you were wondering, our current routine has no flipping, as it's a tribute to Michael Jackson. :\

  1. xXfallenangel13Xx avatar

    On Apr 01, xXfallenangel13Xx said:

    ima be straight up about it lol, -whispers- " i can waltz"
    but you didnt hear it from me lol

  2. (:emolicious:) avatar

    On Feb 19, (:emolicious:) said:

    I dance too.
    Hip Hop
    Turns And Leaps
    Some Ballroom (I've taken 2 lessons)

  3. hiimbob avatar

    On Feb 17, hiimbob said:

    heey i dance too(: we have flippin too and my hip-hop dance is to Smooth Criminal. a tribute to MJ as well(: haha

  4. lovetragedy avatar

    On Feb 03, lovetragedy said:

    I dance too (:

  5. Prozac avatar

    On Jan 28, Prozac said:

    We are NOT making money off of him THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We play at halftime of basketball games, and BUY our own uniforms.

  6. *Steph avatar

    On Jan 26, *Steph said:

    First - I applaud you for being able to dance at all. Last time I tried (a -slow- dance) I fell flat on my rear.

    Second - I would just explain you're losing weight the healthy way. You're eating, just not as much and exercising. That's the way most people who are successful at losing weight do it, and there's nothing wrong with that technique. =)

  7. Swarlos avatar

    On Jan 25, Swarlos said:

    Dang, people can't seem to be able to let him die in peace, I like his music, but I don't think it is correct to make money off of a dead person, IMHO.

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