1. Broken.Home avatar

    On Dec 19, Broken.Home said:

    hey :] hows it going?

  2. none at the moment avatar

    On Nov 15, none at the moment said:

    hey thanks for the request^_^

  3. BeAuTiFuLlY bRoKeN avatar

    On Aug 21, BeAuTiFuLlY bRoKeN said:

    im doing ok i guess. i start school in 5 days... :S ugh. i hate it.

  4. The Shadows Lurker avatar

    On Aug 06, The Shadows Lurker said:

    good and yourself?

  5. BeAuTiFuLlY bRoKeN avatar

    On Jul 20, BeAuTiFuLlY bRoKeN said:

    haha, wonderfully wild. graphic designer, huh? sounds intriguing...

  6. Design-Twenty1 avatar

    On Jul 20, Design-Twenty1 said:

    I am Wonderfully Wild, Ms. Beautifully broken! Just working here in Pittsburgh as a Graphic Designer...

  7. BeAuTiFuLlY bRoKeN avatar

    On Jul 12, BeAuTiFuLlY bRoKeN said:

    oooh, band practice? sounds fun :) yeah the weekend was pretty fun, kinda lame. how bout you?

  8. Metalplums avatar

    On Jul 10, Metalplums said:

    no worries, how's things? you looking forward to the weekend?
    just done with work and heading out to band practice soon

  9. BeAuTiFuLlY bRoKeN avatar

    On Jul 08, BeAuTiFuLlY bRoKeN said:

    i'm fantastic today i suppose. nothing too excitings happening, but i'm going to our fair today! woot! how are you??

  10. Noora.Rocks avatar

    On Jun 28, Noora.Rocks said:

    heyy, thnx 4 the add!!
    wts up hw r u??

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