Night out!

Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 10:31 AM By: Samantha.

tonight I'm going out with my 2 best friends :) we have this thing going on right now which is called "carnaval". People dress up like all crazy, today I even saw someone who dressed up like a banana XD.
We are gonna go there too :)
I'm excited, think it will be awesome.. Still wondering what I am gonna wear though.. =p

  1. Samantha. avatar

    On Mar 06, Samantha. said:

    aw that sucks :( I have to work all days with carnaval, but not in the evening and I have to start in the afternoon. That's why I'm able to go out.
    Thanks I had,, guess I drunk a little too much but I'm not having a headache right now. So it didn't matter that much xD

  2. StyrathiX avatar

    On Mar 05, StyrathiX said:

    I was supposed to go out with my friends for Carnaval, but my boss decided to be an ass and NOT to pay me yesterday. -_-
    have fun though. (:

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