AFI concert

Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 12:42 PM By: queen nightmare

well ive been wanting to go see AFI live for quite afew yrs but everytime i go to try buy tickets they were always sold out,i was gutted.but my cousin has given me an awesome surprise,she brought me a ticket for a christmas pressie to see AFI live in april in the UK :) :)
in a way i dont fully believe that i will be going to see them until the time gets here LOL
but i have been to manchester to see darren hayes (2002)
also been to see GC in manchester in (2003).ive tried to get tickets to see GC again but they sell out too quickly :( but i did get the chance to get get billy martins & chris butterworths autographs after the gig. :) :)
chris was soo hyper & billy was sooo sweet & lovely :)
now i just want to go see papa roach live & 69 eyes live too then ill be soooo hyper happy :)
i would love for any of you to write to me & tell me of your concert experiences.


  1. dianam avatar

    On Feb 15, dianam said:

    I love going to concerts. Papa Roach has so much energy on stage I dont think I have a favorite but they are bad ass.

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