alice in wonderland

Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 1:22 PM By: queen nightmare

i managed to go see the film on saturday (the day after its release :) :)
we went for teh early afternoon showing but unfortunately it was sold out for the 3D showing :( :( was gutted but i was fortunate enough that they had tickets left for the 2D showing an hour i brought them i HAD to see it!!! so we went have a walk round toys r us for awhile then walked back to the cinema.
i could hardly wait!!!!
the film was awesome & true tim burton style :) :) :)
i loved every second of the film it was everything id hoped & more :)
johnny depp was awe inspiring as the mad hatter the role was truly made for him & him only!!his little dance at the end was sooooo funny & entertaining.....helena bonham carter was awesome as the red queen she was sooo ruthless especially as she was yelling 'off with their heads' LOL :) :) anne hathaway was breathtakingly beautiful as the white queen.david walliam was excelliant at playing both twiddle dee & tweedle dum :)
i cant wait for it to be released on dvd :) :) :)

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    On Apr 08, rezi said:

    Yeah! It's an awesome movie.

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