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Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 1:47 PM By: queen nightmare

well ive finally got to the point now where i am stripping the black dye from my hair as im sick of my hair been black.ive had my hair black for the past 5yrs.ive been wanting to strip it out of my hair for about a year but i knew it would be a job & half as ive got the product build up from topping up my roots every month :(
so last night me & my cousin got 5 boxes of blonde hair stripper dye & put them on one after the other & drying my hair inbetween boxes &
used all 5 & its pulled off some of the black but theres along way to go still.but i guess it beats waiting forit to just grow out :)
im luck that my hair is in such good condition & it hasnt broke :)
i did try the hairdressers first & they all said 'no' they dont strip peoples hair incase it breaks & they get sued for it :( :(
but i was lucky enough that one of the hairdressers i went to ask told me about using this type of hair stripper & she haad had past customers that have successfully used this product & its worked for them.
so im hopeful that soon enough ill see my natural colour again :) :) :)

  1. Vicksken avatar

    On Mar 19, Vicksken said:

    I know the feeling. I'm getting bored of my haircolour, but my hairdresser insists that it's "such a good colour for me" so that I should stick to it and therefore she doesn't give any advice as to which other colour I could go for. The only thing that I know for sure it that I don't want to go back to my natural hair colour because it's so dull...
    Anyway, good luck with the "stripping" and take good care of your hair.

  2. billyrock avatar

    On Mar 18, billyrock said:

    What colour is your natural hair? I wish I had some. Show us a new picture when you are finished.

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