Lost soul!

Thu, May 31, 2012 at 4:20 AM By: *#JC@&

I can now feel the last fight approaching.
The last fight of a long battle that I am slowly losing.
Decaying from this world, I start to care less and less.
For my heart is getting colder and colder, as it turns to black the red blood shows less and less.

When an object is not used, it loses its integrity and starts to fail what it was meant for.
To long this heart stays dormant, to long for a kick start to save it.
My heart is failing, I do not care anymore.
I have ran out of tears, I care no more.

I have been alone far too long.
I see no happy future for this lonely soul.
To long the road ahead, cause for this soul there is only regret.
Only a torn, lonely future for this lost soul.

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