1. ana_utsagrad09 avatar

    On May 26, ana_utsagrad09 said:

    LOL you are silly,not so much creepy ;)

  2. LikeViolence avatar

    On May 07, LikeViolence said:

    Hm... how do we know each other... I believe I threw a $20 at you and ran off with Richard. Then later I seduced you with my knowledge of 80's metal and excellent cheesecake. It was all downhill from there. You're welcome.

  3. Littlelari avatar

    On Feb 28, Littlelari said:

    Ok, this post it's been a long time ago... o.o But i just see today. ;/
    Oh you cook? i_i I can't ask what you'r cooking 'cos i think you don't remember hahaha
    I will wait the next post to say something good or try õ_o hããm

  4. kElLi avatar

    On Feb 21, kElLi said:

    Yeah, he looks sorta scary huh? Lol, I got two hortons with one pic. That makes me special I think

  5. India avatar

    On Feb 19, India said:

    Why erlo!

  6. Ray Stanley avatar

    On Feb 18, Ray Stanley said:

    And I hope to see you at Rock on the Range as well! But since it's such a big show and such a cluster....umm..I had a word for that..I gotta ask Jerry what my Zainey was with the word Cluster-something in it.....anyway...a big show I may not see many peeps after all! But I SHOULD be there though!

  7. Ray Stanley avatar

    On Feb 18, Ray Stanley said:

    In your second (or third) picture with the band guys (going down), there is a guy that is creeping up behind you and Jerry.....hmm...keep an eye out for that guy! :)

  8. Ray Stanley avatar

    On Feb 18, Ray Stanley said:

    shhhhh...don't tell everyone! Hahaha....

  9. ashlee_shaddix avatar

    On Feb 17, ashlee_shaddix said:

    Ray finally talks! We love ya Rayray! :)

  10. kElLi avatar

    On Feb 16, kElLi said:

    Ninja Ray! Sir, you are awesome! It's about time you did something on here.:)

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