WOW....So uhhh...I need to do my homework...

Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 1:25 PM By: Ray Stanley

I have always dropped by here and again to see what's going on with everyone, but I guess I haven't checked my friend requests in a while! Since '09 was soooo busy, I have racked up a lot of 'em!
Well, now I will go through them and start accepting (or declining!) friend requests! (I'M KIDDING!! If I don't add you it's because I haven't gotten around to it yet!)
The bad thing about it is it takes me a long time to "view" everyone and see if I know them or not! I meet all kinds of cool Papa Roach fans since I've been on the road with my "other" family for like 6 years now! (WOW! I still can't believe it's been that long and I'm not fired yet! Hahaahh) but maybe you guys that send me a request should drop me a line to tell me if we know each other or where I know you from! (What show, city, venue, if I did something stupid that night, hit on you, didn't have the right size shirt, get you a pick..whatever!!)
ANYWAY..I gotta get back to something I have cookin' up. It's a BIG venture in my life and it will be very cool...I will make the announcement on here on the site if the guys let me! HAhah! Take care and talk soon!
Ray "Ray Stanley" Universal Man of the Cloth Merch Man Extrodanaire! (Jerry, did spell that right??)

  1. ana_utsagrad09 avatar

    On May 26, ana_utsagrad09 said:

    LOL you are silly,not so much creepy ;)

  2. LikeViolence avatar

    On May 07, LikeViolence said:

    Hm... how do we know each other... I believe I threw a $20 at you and ran off with Richard. Then later I seduced you with my knowledge of 80's metal and excellent cheesecake. It was all downhill from there. You're welcome.

  3. Littlelari avatar

    On Feb 28, Littlelari said:

    Ok, this post it's been a long time ago... o.o But i just see today. ;/
    Oh you cook? i_i I can't ask what you'r cooking 'cos i think you don't remember hahaha
    I will wait the next post to say something good or try õ_o hããm

  4. kElLi avatar

    On Feb 21, kElLi said:

    Yeah, he looks sorta scary huh? Lol, I got two hortons with one pic. That makes me special I think

  5. India avatar

    On Feb 19, India said:

    Why erlo!

  6. Ray Stanley avatar

    On Feb 18, Ray Stanley said:

    And I hope to see you at Rock on the Range as well! But since it's such a big show and such a cluster....umm..I had a word for that..I gotta ask Jerry what my Zainey was with the word Cluster-something in it.....anyway...a big show I may not see many peeps after all! But I SHOULD be there though!

  7. Ray Stanley avatar

    On Feb 18, Ray Stanley said:

    In your second (or third) picture with the band guys (going down), there is a guy that is creeping up behind you and Jerry.....hmm...keep an eye out for that guy! :)

  8. Ray Stanley avatar

    On Feb 18, Ray Stanley said:

    shhhhh...don't tell everyone! Hahaha....

  9. ashlee_shaddix avatar

    On Feb 17, ashlee_shaddix said:

    Ray finally talks! We love ya Rayray! :)

  10. kElLi avatar

    On Feb 16, kElLi said:

    Ninja Ray! Sir, you are awesome! It's about time you did something on here.:)

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