1. M-Neff avatar

    On May 28, M-Neff said:

    you got some great shots

  2. coby_dick's_wifey avatar

    On May 26, coby_dick's_wifey said:

    AAwwww lucky! I'm gonna cut you out and put me in the picture lmao! just kidding!

  3. Chrystal Jade avatar

    On May 22, Chrystal Jade said:

    jacobys getting chunky again lol but ur so lucky you gots to chill with them so wish i was there! luv the pics btw

  4. sandypantsp7 avatar

    On May 22, sandypantsp7 said:

    awesome pics im so jeolous an havin withdrawals

  5. Amanda_here avatar

    On May 20, Amanda_here said:

    It was awesome! Cool pictures. :)

  6. xxtonixx avatar

    On May 20, xxtonixx said:

    Sweet pics Ryan! Thats awesome that you got to talk to the guys afterwards! It really was a great show. Glad that I got to meet you too :) Did you see the new shows that showed up for Muskegon and Traverse City?? I am going to hit both of them! If you decide to go let me know and I can drive...I don't think you are too far from me. The only bummer for me with the Flint show was I didn't have my daughter and my sis with me who are HUGE P Roach fans too...it wasn't the same without them...It was def different being with my friends who are just "casual" fans! But none the less I am still so happy I was able to make it to The Machine Shop! :)

  7. Monte's Attic avatar

    On May 20, Monte's Attic said:

    tottally cool pics you are a madman you rock!!

  8. JacobyZChick avatar

    On May 20, JacobyZChick said:

    sounds like it was an AWESOME show. AND you got to hear a new song! I was hoping to hear BURN when I saw them in SC, but no new songs were played. Ah seeing your pix makes me wish I would have waited at the buses. but it was still raining like a mofo and I had like a good 4-5 hour drive ahead of me. so i left right after. oh well, there is always next time! glad ya got to chat with them again! TOTALLY JEALOUS!!! lol

  9. anci avatar

    On May 20, anci said:

    That looks amazing =) I'm trynig to get some friends to come with me to one of their shows over here right now =P

  10. dianam avatar

    On May 19, dianam said:

    those are bad ass pics. Its good that you got to meet lots of people. Thats a bad ass shirt you have too

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