Messed up

Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 1:08 PM By: retarded_dinosaur

So I got a new job at a bar I go to all the time. I am the cook/bar back. Its not bad and this is not the messed up part. But our jukebox has a nice choice in music and they have all but TFA, and this is where the messed up part comes to play. They have that best of CD on there and even the acoustic CD and a few singles. But no TFA and I really wanted to hear One Track Mind at work yesterday lol.

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    On Sep 09, retarded_dinosaur said:

    @Monte: as long as I don't leave on bad terms when I stop working there it wont be a problem. n thanks

    @mudshark:yeah I am happy with the ones that are up. They get me by lol

  2. themudsharkinterview avatar

    On Sep 09, themudsharkinterview said:

    At least they have a decent selection... But I do get your point.

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    On Sep 09, Monte's Attic said:

    Worrking a job were you hang out good luck with that. I didn't for awhile myself Lots o fun while it lasted.
    Good luck

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    On Sep 08, britmum said:

    good luck in the new job, nothing sucks more than really needing to hear a song and not having access to it

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