1. RevenantBlade13 avatar

    On Sep 05, RevenantBlade13 said:

    yeah :P

  2. Kaitlyn BriannaMarie Leonard avatar
  3. RevenantBlade13 avatar

    On Sep 04, RevenantBlade13 said:

    ouch that sucks. i would hate to start in august.
    i'm sorry :P

  4. WhatDoYouDo? ~foREVer~ avatar

    On Sep 04, WhatDoYouDo? ~foREVer~ said:

    that sucks! I start on 12 :(

  5. Kaitlyn BriannaMarie Leonard avatar

    On Sep 03, Kaitlyn BriannaMarie Leonard said:

    you should be glad, you're so lucky. haha I started in august

  6. RevenantBlade13 avatar

    On Sep 03, RevenantBlade13 said:

    i probably do i just don't realize it yet xD
    and you don't sound like a dick btw xD you're probably right

  7. Swarlos avatar

    On Sep 03, Swarlos said:

    I might sound like a dick saying this but, suck it up. Trust me when I tell you that you really wanna be in school.

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