How many times have you seen Papa Roach?

Tue, May 5, 2009 at 9:38 PM By: Rise of Anarchy

I just wanted to see how many times everybody has actually been to a Papa Roach concert, once, twice, ten times, just let me know. Also, let me know if u have any stories with a particular show ( maybe u got to meet them, or u got a drumstick or something)

I personally have only been to 1 which was crue fest, they just played where I lived a couple days ago but I could not make it and that really pissed me off. So ya, I was just wondering.

  1. ~DENOSAURS~ avatar

    On May 11, ~DENOSAURS~ said:

    ive seen them 4 times!!!!!!! it was so awsome

  2. BabsS avatar

    On May 09, BabsS said:

    just one time, but i recorded a lot of the concert so i relive it every time i see the vids:P

  3. Courtney avatar

    On May 07, Courtney said:

    i've seen them twice so far.. the first time in october 2008 with seether, red & staind then again on march 28th in avenged sevenfold, buckcherry & burn halo

  4. Fed avatar

    On May 06, Fed said:

    [color=#FF66CC]Mhmhmh....4 or 5 times. Going to see them twice this Summer too.

  5. Busta avatar

    On May 05, Busta said:

    I've seen them 20 times, and going to see them again twice next week :D

  6. kayli.paige_little_dirty_girl:) avatar

    4 times, 5 by end of summer :)
    i touched Jacoby last time :)

  7. PapaFu#kinRoach avatar

    On May 05, PapaFu#kinRoach said:

    ya ive been to one of them and that was with u it also made me kinda of mad because i missed the last one closest to us that we were gonna go to also!!!!!!!!!!

  8. AlmostEmily avatar

    On May 05, AlmostEmily said:

    ive been to 1 concert. london astoria in august in 2005. front row. it was my first big concert and it is still one of the best ive been too!
    jacoby came down during scars.
    also ripped a hole in his pants (in the crotch) right has he ran onto the stage onto the monitor haha

    but yeah, then i moved to aus in 2007 and they havent been out here since 2002? i believe

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