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These things drive me crazy! Makes me feel like I'm on some kind of online dating site.Seriously though, music is my escape! My brothers are 7 and 9 years older than myself so growing up there was everything from Sinatra to KISS playing in our house. Looking back and now as a parent of two children,it's amazing to realize just how cool mine were.My first concert was at 7 to see KISS because that was my oldest brother Scott's (R.I.P.) favorite band.My first musical love was Queen.Of course,never got to see them perform.Discovering Papa Roach in the summer of 2008 while at Crue Fest, I swear is the only thing that's kept me sane the last 3 years.Their music is so emotionally therapeutic whether it be their softer side or their hard core songs.And watching them perform...well that's how I got addicted to them to begin with at Crue Fest.There's just this energy that takes you over that in all of my years of attending concerts I've never seen any other band possess..or at least not for me. On the 30th of August, 2011 I got to meet Papa Roach for the 1st time in the 5 times I've gotten to see them perform (1x in 08,2xs in 09 and 2xs now this year). This is the most I've ever seen any 1 band in concert. Meeting them was such an emotional experience for me knowing everything their music had gotten me through,knowing they were a part of one of my last conversations with my brother before he passed away and though I was so nervous I rambled (much like I'm probably doing now) like a fool, they were so nice and it was so much more than I could have ever expected. Then to watch them perform after that...I couldn't even find a single word to describe accurately just how much more powerful of an experience it was! I guess I'll end my "about me novel" on this note..the night before the concert my youngest child Autumn (soon to be 8 on the 23rd of September), was walking around the house singing Last Resort. Prior to 2008 you'd have never heard me say anything along the lines of being happy to raise little roaches, but now I'd say it all day long like a proud momma! VIVA la CUCARACHA!!!

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