Hey guys!

Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 10:41 PM By: Pop-Up™

Hey guys, so what's up?
I haven't been here much because I've been spending most my time going out with those despicable beeings I call friends xD
I've also been to a few concerts lately, I've seen Venom, Evile, Iron Maiden, Destruction, Avenged Sevenfold (even though I don't really like A7X, I just went 'cause I had free tickets xD), Joey Satriani, Manowar, Slayer, Megadeth, Soulfly, Motorhead, Rammstein (not much of a fan, but they put out quite the show), Watain, Shining, Aosoth and I'm going to see Machine Head, Devildriver, Arch Enemy and maybe Turisas :) What about you guys? What gigs have you been to? What are you planing on going to see? I'm sorry, I'm just bored xD

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    On Aug 01, DeadCellPunk said:

    guess im def not same taste as u, i think A7X is awesome, im VERY EXCITED to see them soon! just saw SEETHER yesterday, & they ROCKED MY WORLD!!! both bands will be at the upcoming show, UPROAR FEST. saw KID ROCK on 7/13 so far, met PAPA ROACH back in May & 30 Seconds to Mars back in February. next up is My Chemical Romance & Blink 182 on 8/11 & none other than PAPA ROACH with Rock Allegiance Tour on 9/16!!! \m/

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