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Sat, Oct 17, 2009 at 5:15 PM By: Pop-Up™

You probably don't know this but I write poems
Please tell me what you think of my latest
I've called it:
A lifetime search

"Seek to live
Seek the rain
Seek to fly
Seek the pain
Seek to seek
Seek to find
Alone I stand
Alone I die

I searched all my life
I've seeked and survived
After all this what is left?
A blank
A hollow
A nothing but sorrow
I don't see a tomorrow....

Please tell me why I am here
With no purpose with no life
Why should I remain when empty?
I rather lose my life
Than live as a meer desguise
This time, there's no otherwise...."

  1. Katherine XD avatar

    On Jan 30, Katherine XD said:

    I love it its amazing :) ur amazing ^_^

  2. †An Eve†ning's Black Rose† avatar
  3. †An Eve†ning's Black Rose† avatar

    I luv it. u have some reale talent :)

  4. lita619 avatar

    On Dec 01, lita619 said:

    I LOVE IT!! ur rele good at writing, u shuld totally get it published!!

  5. proach455 avatar

    On Nov 23, proach455 said:

    dude! thats very good! XD

  6. †An Eve†ning's Black Rose† avatar

    That's a good poem, u shuld totally publish it. :)

  7. Ellie Electric avatar

    On Nov 16, Ellie Electric said:

    Wow that poem is really deep and its amazing I love to write poems to

  8. leigha224 avatar

    On Nov 14, leigha224 said:

    I love it. its really good.

  9. Allyie avatar

    On Nov 14, Allyie said:

    thats really good

  10. WhatSeparatesMeFromYou(:-Mrs.WilliamsB¡tches!!:D avatar

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