Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 1:01 PM By: xXDr_RoxxXx

wht iz ur fav papa roach line from any song

  1. WhatSeparatesMeFromYou(:-Mrs.WilliamsB¡tches!!:D avatar

    he's sick of his skin,it's time to trade in,a galaxy of emotions,your soul is what it costs

  2. _rayne_ avatar

    On Mar 31, _rayne_ said:

    I fell hard, It felt good
    This won't last, I wish it would
    It wasn't right what you did
    but I was just as wrong as yo

  3. xXDr_RoxxXx avatar

    On Mar 30, xXDr_RoxxXx said:

    i agree with all of you jacoby/dave/james write the most heartfelt lyrics in the history of song writing

  4. Jacobylover:) avatar

    On Mar 29, Jacobylover:) said:

    What do you do? When it all comes down on you?
    Do you run and hide. Or face the truth?

  5. VictoriaxLeighh avatar

    On Mar 29, VictoriaxLeighh said:

    And i'll never think about you, when I'm sleeping with all of your friends
    and I'm hoping that you find out cause nothings the sweetest revenge

  6. sadnessinourhearts avatar

    On Mar 29, sadnessinourhearts said:

    I tear my heart open/I sew myself shut/my weakness is that I care too much/and my scars remind me that the past is real/I tear my heart open just to feel

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