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About BillieJoeIsCool

Let's see, what about me? My name is Chelsea, but most people in the interwebz know me as Billie, so either is fine - I've been long since using this username so I'm used to responding to it. I hail from the east coast, baby; Connecticut born and bred, but I have recently moved to Michigan for college to study Japanese and English with a minor in Music.

Music is my life - I've been in choir since I was in third grade, and have learned to play the guitar, piano, bass, some drums, the flute, recorder and trumpet... thanks to the influence of my favourite bands: Green Day, Papa Roach, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, and a whole craploads of other ones.

I have met the Papa Roach guys twice so far, both times in the same college school year. The first time was in Toledo, Ohio on October 13, 2010, and the second in Pontiac, MI on March 13, 2011. Both times, they were still amazed at my major (Japanese) and in both pictures (well, all three, rather), someone is bowing [in the first concert photo, Tony and Tobin are. In the second photo of the concert, we all are, and in the third they're about ready to bow to the camera].

I absolutely love going to concerts; I haven't been to many, but some of them have been the best in the world. My first concert was a Green Day concert through the American Idiot tour in Connecticut; I was four rows from the side of the stage (because I was 13 and my dad didn't trust me in the pit). My second concert was Van Halen down in New York, third was another Green Day concert (21st Century Breakdown) and lastly, my two Papa Roach concerts.

I am planning on hitting four Papa Roach concerts come may around my birthday (Rhode Island, New Jersey and the two in New York), even if it kills me. I love going to Broadway shows - I've seen the American Idiot: Broadway show on Broadway with Billie Joe Armstrong as St. Jimmy. I am a nerd, I will admit that. I play on forums and role play, and honestly? My writing has gotten so much better because of it.

Rock on \m/ :]

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