oh yeah! 12-5 show...

Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 8:33 AM By: BethyFBD

so as anybody know, i'm broker than shit right now. but thanks to my amazing p.roach wifey Kelli i got to go to the 12/5 show in kentucky. here's a rundown of what i can remember:

i got to the venue around 10:30 am. first one threre, and no surprise because it's freezing balls outside. a few people showed up and hung out with me.

then Sharon gets there and shows me her amazing gingerbread tour bus she made for the band. seriously, she's a goddess. i thought i was being nice just making them some cookies.

Kelli and Lacey get there around 12ish and our little fam is complete. Kelli and Lacey had VIP so they took Sharon's bus with them. a few minutes later they come back to tell us venue security is being a bunch of dicks and won't let them take any food or drink in.

suddenly we hear a voice from above. not god, but close. it was Ray. he tells us to take our stuff around to the buses and Katie will meet us back there. i'm impatient. so when we'd been freezing for a good 10 minutes i went over to security and told them we were meeting Katie and he sent someone to go find her. 10 minutes later we're still waiting and some other guy has come over to ask us what we want. we just wanted Katie, damn it.

finally Ray, being the ninja god he is, comes out and tells us to load him up. we had the bus, 3 things of cookies, and a fucking heavy fruit basket. and since he couldn't carry it all he told me to help. but then some douche from the tour walks over and helps instead :(

we go back to waiting in line, chillin and being assholes, because that's what we do and it's fun. i barely hear someone say "who's in your crew?" before i'm pulled backwards off the table i'm sitting on. Ray had come to get Sharon, and she's so awesome she took me with her and her dude.

with no clue what's going on i just follow Ray to this kinda dark room filled with people...and Papa Roach. he took us to VIP. i spazzed a little, but kept it inside. we got to see a 3 song acustic set, including "Had Enough" which i got on video (it's too dark to really see though).

jacody told sharon the bus was "retarded, but in a good way"

Kelli, myself and Lacey got our pic taken together with the band. i was trying to not laugh because Tony was going on about the amazing sandwich he was in (Kelli and myself). but i wasn't complaining because he was WARM and i was still frozen.

go back outside to freeze some more.

finally get inside where Kelli was doing the splits to keep room for me and Sharon on the barricade.

the opening band was okay. wish it would have been Halestorm.

Shinedown, as always, put on a good show.

but let's face it, i was there for Papa Roach. and they NEVER disappoint.

about...oh 3 songs before p.roach was finished i feel my already crashing sugar levels bottom out. i could barely keep my head up, i was ready to pass out. Dave, the security guy we made friends with, pulled my fat ass over the barricade and another security guy took me to a water fountian.

so besides my dumbass almost passing out from lack of sugar i had a blast.

much love to my Papa Roach Family that was there. Kelli is still the best wifey ever.

oh and i should get my pics from the show on fliker within the next week.

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    On Jan 25, kElLi said:

    i cant believe i am just now getting on here to read this. you make me laugh and i agree with tony that sandwich was amazing shit. lol

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