pain w/o love aka my kidneys hurt

Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 12:16 PM By: BethyFBD

I don't understand why they bleep the word cocaine out of songs. Dude they tell you all about it in health class when you're in school so why does it matter? And if we're gonna talk about what your kids hear about in school why are they bleepin out fuck, shit, and all of the other "curse" words. And why can you say ass but not shit? Shit comes out of asses. Okay I'm done now.

My kidneys do hurt though. It makes me sadface.

We're havin a $5.99 haircut sale at work in a few weeks and Cunt Boss owner is flippin out about the schedule. I put the #s in for what Great Clips says we'll need and it's what she normally makes us schedule so we'll be fine. But hey I may actually get the hours I'm suppose to for once.

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    On Jan 25, kElLi said:

    once again you crack my shit up

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