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Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 5:28 AM By: Kristina Klarissa Sixx

Hi! So that’s me – again… I moved to Olomouc and lots of things happened… I gotta say that my first day wasn’t like I had imagined – but what can I do :-D Though I finally met one of my friends I had known for a long time via internet. Maybe that’s the greatest thing about being in Olomouc, cuz she is really nice girl :o) Actually – I hadn’t imagined that people could be so nice here :o) It’s really nice to know :o) Sabi, her sister... People here are really different than people in Olomouc. I’m not actually sure I miss Prague. Yea, maybe my life there was slightly comfortable – maybe slightly more... But I can hardly compare the people... Well, maybe just girls. Boys are still the same XD :-D Nothing against you guys :o))

However, I gotta say I really really don’t understand a school system here – I feel like I can’t do anything ... Why the fuck does everything just HAS TO BE so complicated o_O And then – I gotta find a job... :-/ That’s always such a WHAM when you gotta come back to the reality. I mean, like, you’re with a friend of yours, or watching television, your fav movie – whatever – and then you realize that you gotta come back to school, to work – anything. And the sweet life of yours, where everything was just fine, has gone...

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