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Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 4:06 AM By: Sammy!

I've had a few people ask me how to do it recently... so I thought I'd make a blog on it quickly. :)

First, if you just want a simple colour, such as black, red, blue, green etc, you have to surround any text you want to colour like this:

*your text* [/ color] (without the spaces.)

Where it says "black", you can enter any simple colour name you want
, and yay it works:)

If you want a different colour, such as a light blue, or a hot pink, you can use the hex code for more complex colours, which you do by using the # and then 6 characters (#FF0000 is white, for example).

You can find a complete list of all the hex colour codes here

So around your text it should end up something like this (without the spaces, though)
*your text* [/ color]

2 things to remember:
1: Always use the American spelling of the word, COLOR
2: I keep saying it in this explanation, but make sure to get rid of the spaces!

Hope this is clear and will help some of you!

  1. Emily561 avatar

    On Jun 01, Emily561 said:

    It didn't work or me :( I did this [color =#FF00AA]Text Text[/color]

  2. pr_amy avatar

    On Mar 06, pr_amy said:

    thanks gorgeouss. love you( :

  3. Sammy! avatar

    On Feb 28, Sammy! said:

    [ b] and then [/ b] (:

  4. pr_amy avatar

    On Feb 27, pr_amy said:

    How do you make it bold babee?

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