Neglection and dance!

Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 1:23 PM By: Sammy!

Ah! Well first off I want to apologize for kind of neglecting this site recently lol. I've been really kinda busy.
A few weeks ago now I auiditioned to be a dancer in the school performance for this year. It's a mixture of singing, dancing and drama from five musicals: Fame, West Side Story, High School Musical, Jesus Christ Superstar and Les Miserables. Anyway, to audition we had to learn a 2 minute dance from HSM, Fame and WSS all in an hour, and go back and audition the next day. I got into all three dances, so I'm pretty proud of myself to be honest loll :) Anyway, that takes up four hours a week.

Also, a week or two back, before auditions, I decided to join the school service for Year 9's called SOS Students. You basically get to go on a councelling course and get to go to the primary school and play games with the little kids and stuff haha. Also you get a big trip at the end to London :)

So basically at the minute, my week consists of this (all classes being an hour):
Monday - SOS at Lunchtime, Regular Dance Class afterschool
Tuesday - Fame rehearsals at Lunchtime
Wednesday - HSM rehearsals at Lunchtime and WSS rehearsals afterschool
Thursday - SOS at Lunchtime
Friday - HSM rehearsals at Lunchtime

The performances are going to be in the second week of November on the night times, the 10th, 11th and 12th. As well as full tech and dress rehearsals on the Sunday and Monday night.

And on top of that I have revision for my first Maths GCSE paper - which I'm taking on FRIDAY 13TH lol. No I don't believe in that day being bad luck, but still, I'm a bit wary. OH and the week before the shows, I have a three day wedding to attend in Northumberland, where I'm going to be Bridesmaid :D It's gonna be so fun!

Busyyy! lol. Unless I was just a lazy person before and now I'm actually doing stuff, I think I'm busy.

Well anyway, 5 DAYS til PR/ML! Weeee I'm so excited, extraspecially for ML because I've never seen them before. See you all at the concert!

  1. pr_amy avatar

    On Feb 27, pr_amy said:

    i remember when you were doing all this crazy stuff. i never saw you in lessons or at lunch *oh no'ss* your were amazing at those shows. love you?

  2. Catt!!! avatar

    On Oct 06, Catt!!! said:

    ah i cant belive the maths gcse is on friday 13th! My maths teacher told me and i was like omg lol :)

  3. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Oct 02, retarded_dinosaur said:

    sounds like you have a lot goin on. but sounds cool. congrats on gettin in to the plays,

  4. vern93 avatar

    On Oct 02, vern93 said:

    thats awesome!! im so happy that u got into all of those dances : )

  5. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Oct 02, Hybrid911 said:

    awww It's all so exciting :D glad you're having so much fun, I know how much dancing means to you :D and I'll see you, Amy and Anne on Wednesday!!! x

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