Madina Lake - Welcome To Oblivion Vid!

Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 12:11 PM By: Sammy!

Oh yessss ML represent lol.

So this is Madina Lake's third single from their second album Attics To Eden, called "Welcome To Oblivion". The song is basically about paranoia and being invisible to the world. I think the concept of this video is really cool, so I thought I'd share it so everyone can see. Especially now I know ML have gathered a few more fans on this site since the lastest tour with PR! So enjoy :]]

Madina Lake - Welcome to OblivionMadina Lake | MySpace Videos

  1. Vengeance avatar

    On Jan 16, Vengeance said:

    Love it.

  2. Bloody Corpse avatar

    On Nov 05, Bloody Corpse said:

    gotta check that out!!!!!!!!

  3. Bloody Corpse avatar
  4. vern93 avatar

    On Oct 22, vern93 said:

    this is one of my fav songs by them i love it : ) and on something he said the song was also about like panic attacks and stuff. anywaysss ML so needs to come to FL lol

  5. wasted years avatar

    On Oct 22, wasted years said:


  6. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Oct 22, Hybrid911 said:

    I LOVE IT :D probably my fave madina lake song x

  7. XxCucaracha_AddictxX avatar

    On Oct 22, XxCucaracha_AddictxX said:

    omg, they ROCK! this song is so gooodddd :D love the video! thx for posting!

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