Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 5:11 AM By: Sammy!

Hahaha so those of you who read my previous blogs know all about everything I've done in the last two weeks...rehersals, shows, GCSE's, weddings, etc. I just wanted to write a quick blog to say how exhausted I am.. but how amazing the last two weeks have been :D The shows were definitely the best part. It really has reminded me how much I love dancing, and performing for other people. I met so many new people through it and now I really can't wait for the dance tour to Barcelona in 2010 to spend more time with them people :)

The wedding was really fun too.. the castle it was at was georgeous. It was so cold up there though lol. Here's a few pics.. don't laugh at me in my dress hahaha


There's me, right on the end lol

Oh..I'm really sorry if I haven't replied to you in the past few weeks.. I have like 6 unread mails, a few comments and 19 friend requests. So sorrrry D:

And 216 days to Green Day! hahaha

  1. themudsharkinterview avatar

    On Nov 15, themudsharkinterview said:

    Good luck in your GCSEs and it sounded like you had fun. =D

  2. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Nov 14, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    sounds like everything worked out nicely! and the pictures are beautiful... there is nothing wrong with your dress they looked nice!

  3. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Nov 14, Hybrid911 said:

    aw I'm glad things have finally settled for you and that you're truly enjoying what you're doing. wishing ya every success in ya GCSEs :D x

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