1. Yogi avatar

    On Jun 26, Yogi said:

    How are you and how is life going with you?

  2. riot girl avatar

    On Aug 21, riot girl said:

    thx for add! whatsup?

  3. Soulboy avatar

    On Jun 24, Soulboy said:

    Kogda oni bydy v Kieve?

  4. Vergil Sparda avatar

    On Jun 22, Vergil Sparda said:

    Gryst'........No est' vuxod. Nayti togo kto edet iz tvoego goroda i podry>kitsya: 3 mesyaca dlya etogo dostato4no ))) - i spokoyno edew na paparo4 s drygom - raditeli spokoynu i dovol'nu! 7, )

  5. Vergil Sparda avatar

    On Jun 21, Vergil Sparda said:

    DDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Kvartiry prodam no na PAPIKOV papady!!! KADA?

  6. gangsta-mista avatar

    On May 04, gangsta-mista said:


  7. Vergil Sparda avatar

    On May 03, Vergil Sparda said:

    Pruvit!!! Yyavu sobi * ) Ce tu vkontakti pid nikom Cute Gatecrasher?

  8. Recklezz avatar

    On May 02, Recklezz said:

    aaw that's so cute I can give the same back to you!
    yeah I'd love to some time!
    take care sweetie!xx

  9. Recklezz avatar

    On May 02, Recklezz said:

    not too bad^^ I've had english for 9 years at school but am not satisfied*lol*
    yeah I know it's more difficult, my mom had to learn german when she met my dad and the language is tricky.

  10. Recklezz avatar

    On May 02, Recklezz said:

    sounds great to me!!! love to read it when it's ready!
    heeey that#s sweet. yeah that's correct!

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