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    On Jul 19, Falassion said:

    Awwh thanks ^^

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    On Jul 15, Jannis said:

    Heey! :D yesterday something magical happend! :D suddenly i could go to Papa Roach!!!!! We were only 20 mins before the start there but i could get a place right in front of Jerry! :D They rocked SO hard! :D im still like woooow xD ow yeah mostly they come 2 times to Belgium :D how come you have so many nightmares? :o its good last 2 days you didnt! :D well i dont need to say im very good right now :D so tell me how are you today? :D

  3. Falassion avatar

    On Jul 15, Falassion said:

    You're nice to try and help but it's alright x] Maybe I'll randomly find a large sum of money xP

    That's good it's getting better ^^

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    On Jul 14, Falassion said:

    I'm doing alright ^^ You're back in there? D:

    Internships here usually you don't get paid just job experience, if I didn't have bills and lived near a place I could get one I'd do that, but I don't o.o

    I hope you're better soon >.

  5. Jannis avatar

    On Jul 14, Jannis said:

    haha guess what tomorow they play again in Belgium :D and guess whos not going again??? omfg! and they'll record a new album after this tour :( so thatll take a while before i see them back live! but anyways how are you doing? :D

  6. Falassion avatar

    On Jul 13, Falassion said:

    Thanks for the hair comment, but it'd actually probably stop me from getting a job, this is a big hick area where people judge me for having long hair.

    I'll get a job and get out of here someday x]

    How are you doing lately?

  7. Falassion avatar

    On Jul 09, Falassion said:

    I'm not really sure, I'm in the middle of nowhere and I need a job to save up and get out of here xP It doesn't seem like I'll find one anytime soon though.

    I'm sorry to hear about your 6 month loss >.

  8. Jannis avatar

    On Jul 08, Jannis said:

    hey! :D oh wow :o well its very good that ur fighting against it ! ;) keep doing that and ull be fine :D my god this evening there's a PRoach concert in Belgium and damn i cant go! :'( and next week they play again in belgium and fuck i also cant go than!!! but anyways :D how are you doing today? :D have a great weekend!

  9. Jannis avatar

    On Jul 01, Jannis said:

    Hey sorry for my late answer! :p i was away to an awesome festival :D oh wow why did you need to be so long at hospital?:o i wish i could fingerpluck songs xD im good at rythm but not at that:p i play mainly Papa Roach and Bullet for my valentine but alse greenday, volbeat, nirvana etc :D how are you today? :D btw go on ultimate-guitar . com and use guitartabs? its not hard to read and they have pretty descent tabs :D

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    On Jun 27, Falassion said:

    You could say that, but I'm just not doing anything right now, so I"m on a long holiday I guess xP

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