Does anyone else do this?

Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 11:47 AM By: CrazyAssSarah

So we're talking about weird things we do in our rooms. It started off with my friend saying she has to check all the books are in her personal order and if one thing is changed she'll be up all night trying to figure out what it is. Mine is that I have to change my bed around a lot. Moving it in different places because I like waking up and feeling disorientated and confused, anyone else like this, or is it just me? Or maybe yours is stranger...

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    On Mar 06, CrazyAssSarah said:

    haha, long comments are fine. Yeah, seems we all do something others would consider 'weird', well guess thats what makes us, well us :)

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    On Mar 03, lovetragedy said:

    I always re-arrange my room... putting my bed and bookshelves into different spots.... and moving everything around all the time... i dont know why... but its cool when I wake up to different scenery all the time haha

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    On Mar 03, dianam said:

    I am more like you friend I know where everything is at in my house and if something is moved I ask why and who moved it. My clothes in closet have to be facing the same way. The towels have to be folded right way. At work my bank I like the bills to be facing the same way and neat. I am very organized and I dont like messes so much. A lot of people like to mess with me saying that I am OCD I prob am just a little bit but thats just me. oh and I wash my hands way too much if I cant wash them I will just wet them. I cant pass a sink without stopping to wash my hands. I do a lot of stuff that is just some. Sorry for the long comment

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    On Mar 03, (=Her Boo=) said:

    xD Alot of the time i have to change my room around idk i can't get it in a right postion for me xD I'll like it one way 3days later i'm changing it again haaha

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