Bloodstock and sleep-deprived

Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 11:49 AM By: CrazyAssSarah

So the past three nights I was managing to get about 2 hours worth of sleep because we were taking care of my sister’s friends stupid hamsters that were seriously loud. It got to the point where I barely had the energy to eat or move my head, so I decided to sleep downstairs and was doing fine until around 5 my cat starts meowing; she would not shut it for hours on end. But I think I got around 4 hours worth of sleep before setting out for the bloodstock festival.

I was barely hanging on in the car, and thought I would end up vomiting cause I was just so exhausted but after we got there; I found a new-born energy that got me excited realising where I was. It was fucking awesome and brilliant and now the energy is gone XD
At least the hamsters are gone!
Oh yeah, I seriously suck at sleeping

  1. PapaRick avatar

    On Aug 17, PapaRick said:

    your not the only one that sucks at sleeping

  2. starrysky13 avatar

    On Aug 17, starrysky13 said:

    another reason why i hate cats!

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