Life Is Going Good..well..Better :]

Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 5:56 PM By: HxCxP-RoacHxFanatic

I guess I better start out with saying that I believe I found another basal cell on my head (same as I had before my skin cancer surgery) so they sadly didn't cure it for me. Let's face it, I might have this my whole life and I have no idea if this will eventually break my life so I'm making sure to live it to the fullest. Today I went to Devils Lake in WIsconsin with my father and his girlfriend, it was such a workout to climb up and down but still an amazing experience. 12 hour trip! There's an all-u-can-eat sushi bar on Friday, I have a fashion show to live for coming up soon, and..PROM! Bahah, yess its on June 4th. I just found out: P-Roach concert June 5th..and graduation June 6th!!! Amazing way to end the school year off. I gotta make sure I get there to experience it all, stay alive, for life, and for papa roach

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    On Mar 24, Grizzlybar2289 said:

    i'm glad you're taking a positive stance on this whole thing. sounds like you had a good time

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