Say What You Want;; Take Your Shots

Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 9:18 PM By: HxCxP-RoacHxFanatic

Yehh, I'm currently listening to their newest song, Kick In The Teeth x]
I love it.....of course..
But unfortunately, I feel my life matches this for the time being. Lifeline does as well, but this time its more than just going through multiple saddening events. Seems like they keep on coming! So lets see, my grandfather was in the hospital and there's nothing they can do so he doesn't have the strength to live more than 2 more weeks. I'm trying so hard in college summer coarses to get this scholarship, my closest friend won't be in town for my 18th birthday on the 24th, the cat knocked over a glass of water on my new Motorola Droid phone, my next skin cancer surgery is two days after my birthday...errg X.X But the thing is, I know I can shove all this away bit by bit at some point in time. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Man that's definately what I live by in this life. Hopefully all of you are doing much better than I, and I'll be on here for updates when this gets solved xD
Peace and love,
Sarah Cherry x3x3

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