Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 4:00 PM By: BrokEn doWn InsIdE

The moment my eyes saw this beauty my love Diana
the moment this happen I saw a bright light
your beauty is so much
it took away my darkness
took away the sadness from my heart
I look into those beautiful eyes, I know it's you who came to save me
Save me from this bad dream of mine
You are my salvation
your lips so Beautiful
so smooth,so soft,so sweet
I only pray to kiss those lips
To wake me from this curse(Loneliness)
You are my Snowwhite, The most Beautiful of all the lands
Carving your name in my Heart
hoping to never forget you my Love(Diana)
Your image printed inside my mind
To never Miss you
When I sleep all I have is the most Beautiful dreams
Because it's you I see(Diana)
I wish upon the stars that one day I could go to you
To rest in your arms
To see my Beautiful Angel
To be save from this sorrow that is killing me ever min
your not here with me
To hear that sweet voice of my Queen the most beautiful sound ever
Telling me to go to her and be by her side
Too save her from dark world and take her away
The moment I hold you we will know we are in heaven
and notting will ever go wrong.
Til this moment happens in my dreams you will be
and only your Beauty I will see
my Love Diana......

  1. xXxGIRLYxXx avatar

    On Jan 04, xXxGIRLYxXx said:

    OMG,its beautiful:')

  2. dianam avatar

    On Jan 04, dianam said:

    Thank you that is so sweet

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