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I'm huge Papa Roach fan, since I heard ''Last Resort'' they got me ! They're definitely my favourite Alternative - Rockband, on earth. Music is MY LIFE. If someone would tell me to forget music, I could definitely not do this. Music drives me crazy, and the only thing I can turn to, when I'm happy, sad, desperate, lonely or whatever. Music is my leader in my life, and a little later, I HAVE to become a musician, this is what I really want, so, hopefully, I will see you guys, on the road maybe one day. It is my biggest dream. I'm also a very engaged musician ans I'm also a member of a bans. I play the lead guitar and I think Jerry is a very talented guitar player. I don't know, though their songs are not very hard to play, they are awesome, and I love Papa Roach shows, they kick asses ; - )
Can't await the new album + tour in Berlin

Rock'N'Roll F****** ^^

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