Papa Roach METAMORPHOSIS Release In Germany !!!

Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 11:14 AM By: ScarsOfRoach

Holy s*** !!!
I have it....the album lies right in front of my desk, I've listened for like 5 times now, and I can sing along almost every song...
It's a really Good album, If I would have to rate it...from a skale of 1 up to 10 stars ( 10 as maximum of course) I would rate it with 8.5 stars....cause I don't know what, but there's that little, f*** yeah element missing you know ???
BUT I can highly just recommend this album to you guys....AND AGAIN we have at least 2 heavy songs on it, CHANGE OR DIE and INTO THE LIGHT....
GUYS, these two songs on the album kick asses the most...
But I Almost Told also very nice, I didn't get it out of my head's amazing...
They also have a couple of slower songs like, March Out Of The Darkness, Carry Me and Had Enough, but they all are really great songs...
as I said in the whole the album is worth 8.5 stars !!!
I promise, turn on your volume, and blast your subwoofers...
cause it's papa fuckin roach time !!! YEEHAA !!!
Go and Buy , MeTaMoRpHoSiS !_!

  1. *JadeTheOnlyOne777* avatar

    On Mar 20, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:

    got you buy it in store?
    or in the internet?????

  2. !!BryanPapaRoach4EverPonsen!! avatar

    What The Fuck Are You Talking About Did Someone Tell
    You To Rate Metamorphosis The Best Album/Record/CD
    Ever Since your Talking About Stars I Give Metamorphosis
    Billion Trillion Stars
    So Go Buy The Best Album Ever Metamorphosis

    it Wont Disappoint


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